"Me and my husband had been trying for a baby for three years with no luck. Although I was not the most maternal of people I had always dreamt I would be a mum.
I thought it was never going to happen - I felt low and it all seemed a bit hopeless. My path crossed with Harriet and she has literally changed my life. I was so sceptical but I started up reflexology weekly (Any excuse for a foot massage). It was my one last hope before exploring the clinical approach.
After just three sessions I was pregnant!!
I continued the treatment throughout my pregnancy and I couldn't have got through it without Harriet. The reflexology helped with the physical side effects of pregnancy. Reduced my poor swollen feet, helped with morning sickness (which should be called morning day and night sickness), constipation, acid reflux, insomnia and back pain. Post natal reflexology helps the body rebalance and helps you get through those hardcore first 8 weeks.
But the thing that made my experience such an amazing one is Harriet herself.
When I was trying to get pregnant she was supportive, understanding and motivational. She lifted my spirits with her positive professional and friendly manner.
Throughout my pregnancy she guided me through my mixed emotions. After trying for so long to get pregnant it was here and it was horrible. However once a month it was made bearable by Harriet talking about her own pregnancies in the most comical and honest ways. She soothed my doubts and relaxed my stress. I always left side effect free with a smile on my face knowing I was in for the best night sleep.
A truly remarkable woman."

Kay x

Former Student 

"Increasingly more of us change careers and it is now common to hear that individuals want to do something different.
For me it was a change that I wanted! And I found it….
Although I thoroughly enjoy my existing professional role within an educational setting I needed to do something for me...
Reflexology has changed my way of thinking, feeling and definitely believing in alternative therapies.
Harriet has an engaging personality and teaching style that held my attention in all her class discussions. She is a fantastic teacher who establishes clear objectives for each lesson and works to meet those specific aims during each class.
At all times Harriet had high expectations for me as a student; she encouraged my work both written and practical to be of my very best. She was always available to offer me valuable knowledge of the task being focused upon, guidance in times of doubt, and supported and praised me wherever possible.
Harriet is an excellent teacher who is quietly passionate about her work. She shows excitement about her chosen subject and has influenced my life in a positive manner…
For this I am truly thankful!"

Susan x