Reflexology For Fertility 

Are you trying to get pregnant?

Whether you have been trying for a while or just started trying to conceive, reflexology can help support you and your partner both physically and mentally on this special journey.
How can Reflexology support you on your conception journey? 


Using specific and prescriptive protocols your reproflexologist aims to address fertility health to either enhance natural fertility or to work with forms of assisted conception including Clomid, IUI, IVF and ICSI.

Specific protocols are used at each stage to regulate and improve functionality of the menstrual cycle, improve sperm production and functionality and assist underlying conditions which may affect natural conception.


Along with other benefits, reflexology can support relaxation, stress reduction and whole body well being which in itself can be beneficial to natural conception. 

Your reproductive reflexologist will conduct a consultation in a professional and confidential manor, either alone or with your partner whichever you are more comfortable with. Treatments are available and offered to both men and women. Your therapist will lend a listening ear, support and advise you throughout your journey as a treatment plan will be made with you.  

You can continue to have reflexology whilst receiving medical treatment for fertility as there is no evidence that reflexology interferes. Reflexology can bring balance and relaxation to the mind and body therefore helping to ease the pressures of the medical procedures. 

"This Lady has magic Hands. I came to Harriet after trying for my second baby for over a year after 3 Reflexology Treatments I fell Pregnant with my Baby Boy. Harriet makes you feel completely relaxed and easy to talk to too. I highly recommend Harriet for anyone who has struggles with Fertility."

- Coopers Hill Therapies Client 

"I booked up for a course of treatments with Harriet after trying for a baby for 18 months and sadly miscarrying. The sessions have worked wonders not only with helping me fall pregnant fairly quickly, but also for my overall health and wellbeing. She even cured an ongoing problem I had with tennis elbow in the process!"

- Coopers Hill Therapies Client 

About your Therapist

Harriet Jeffrey trained as a complementary therapist and reflexologist in 2005, she is the founder of Coopers Hill Therapies and specialises in working with couples seeking reflexology for fertility. Harriet has completed the Pre-conceptual Care Programme and The Assisted Conception Programme offered by Barbara Scott founder of SEREN Natural Fertility and continues to follow her protocols throughout her treatments including hormone and sperm test reading. 

As a professional and passionate therapist, Harriet continually attends training programes and workshops to ensure industry standards are high and her knowledge is current.  

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First treatment - Consultation and assessment

(Includes sperm and hormone test result reading)

80 minutes £85

Women - Course of 5 treatments*

(Treatment 2-6 over consecutive weeks)

45 minutes £200

Men - Course of 7 treatments*

(Treatment 2-8 over consecutive weeks)

45 minutes £280

Additional 'pay as you go' treatments

45 minutes £45

*During treatment one a treatment plan will be discussed, it is important that everyone is happy and comfortable with the course of treatment. 

You do not need to have a course of treatments if pay as you go treatments suit you better.

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Disclaimer - Please always check with your GP and Fertility Clinic before embarking on any holistic treatment. Your Reflexologist is not a medical doctor and does not practice medicine nor give any diagnosis, treat or claim to cure any specific illness. The client has the freedom of choice to accept or reject advice given as part of the fertility treatment. Treatment cannot guarantee that the end result will be that of a pregnancy.